New in Sketch 58

  • Introducing Smart Layout: With Smart Layout, we're making Symbols more powerful and supercharging your workflow when it comes to using them in your designs. With it, you can set a direction for Symbols to resize when you change their overrides, while keeping the spacing between different layers in that Symbol consistent. Better still, you can set different Smart Layout settings for Nested Symbols and even groups within Symbols. It's incredibly powerful and we can't wait to see how it'll improve your workflow.

What’s improved

  • We've made the Welcome Window better, bigger, cleaner and more snappy. You can browse your Cloud documents by Project in a new sidebar on the left, and we've given thumbnails plenty more space so you can see more of your documents without scrolling.
  • Along with browsing Projects in the Welcome Window, you'll now have the option to pick a Project when you save a new Cloud document for the first time.

What’s fixed

  • Fixed a bug where Sketch would believe you were offline and not allow you to upload new Cloud documents after you put your Mac to sleep or temporarily disconnected from the internet.
  • Fixed a bug where text overrides might reset or clear themselves if you clicked in and out of a text override field in the Inspector.
  • Fixed a bug where Symbol instances on your Canvas would not pick up changes you made to a text layer in that Symbol's master.
  • Fixed a bug where you might see the Canvas flash if you switch from a different app to Sketch when it's in full screen mode.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you created a particularly big grid.
  • Fixed a bug where resizing multiple layers with a small width or height but large distance between them would cause either their height or width to increase unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a bug where performing a Union operation on straight lines would make the combined shape disappear.
  • Fixed a bug where an artboard you hovered over wouldn't highlight when if you were in Prototyping mode.
  • Fixed a bug where your Show Layer Selection preference would reset itself when you restart Sketch.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in Sketch failing to respond (hanging) in a few different situations. If you've been in touch about Sketch being unresponsive, this one is for you.
  • Fixed a few different bugs related to how nested overrides highlight when you select them on the Canvas. If you'd selected a nested override and couldn't see it highlighted on the Canvas properly, you'll be pleased to know this update puts that right.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause performance issues and slow things down if you selected certain Symbol masters with complex overrides.
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